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Tim is a seasoned professional with an outstanding track record as a top producing agent in Charlotte for an impressive span of over 30 years.
Recently, Tim experienced the loss of his father, and it opened his eyes to the overwhelming challenges and complexities of the probate process. Witnessing firsthand the difficulties faced by families during this emotionally taxing time, Tim decided to take action.
Tim chose to dedicate himself to assisting others who find themselves in similar situations, helping them navigate the probate process with compassion, knowledge, and unwavering support.
With his decades of real estate expertise and a deep understanding of the probate process, Tim has become an invaluable resource for individuals and families in need. His commitment to providing exceptional service combined with his genuine care for his clients sets him apart as a trusted advisor during a challenging time.
Tim’s unwavering dedication to helping others in their time of need has earned him the respect and gratitude of numerous individuals and families in Charlotte. Whether it’s assisting with property transfers, estate sales, or providing invaluable advice, Tim is a true advocate who goes above and beyond to alleviate the burdens associated with probate.



Tim Rohan

REALTOR® and Probate Specialist